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About kerala

“In the mornings, from nearly anywhere in Kerala, you can hear loud music from the Hindu temples, wailing muezzins at the mosques, and church bells ringing at the cathedrals. Religious tolerance is just one reason for Kerala's success. The state government has affected sweeping land reforms and spends almost half of its budget on health and education. A heritage of female-headed households means women have always been equal participants here”

This small state in India, though not much larger than Maryland, has a population as big as California's. But its infant mortality rate is low, its literacy rate among the highest on Earth, and its birthrate below America's and falling faster. Kerala's citizens live nearly as long as Americans or Europeans. Though mostly a land of paddy-covered plains, statistically Kerala stands out as the Mount Everest of social development; there's truly no place like it.” –  quote by Bill McKibben - National Geographic Traveler

To know Kerala you need to understand her unique geographical layout that made her what she is. As on the map, Kerala is a strip of a state on the south- western edge of the Indian peninsula, just 650 km long and 120km at its widest. This land, sandwiched between the Arabian Sea to the west and a tropical mountain range to its east, is from where the monsoon starts (the rainy season for the rest of the Indian sub-continent).

Forty-four mountain rivers further cut up this tropical strip into fertile river deltas (that’s a river every 15 km) making Kerala a lush, wet and explosively fertile bit of real estate, distinctly different from the rest of India and the world.

This unique biosphere has given rise to such rare and unique herbs, spices, fruits and animals that it altered World History. For centuries Kerala was the most sought after destination worldwide being the birthplace of Pepper at a time when pepper was far more valuable than gold. Her liberal and intelligent rulers welcomed trade settlers and set up seaports from the days of King Solomon. Incidentally, the entire American continent was discovered by the western world in its frenzied quest for a direct sea route to Kerala. As descendants of settlers from the Middle East, China, Europe and Africa since centuries mingled with the local populace, it gave rise to a multi-cultural mix that reflects in the everyday life here, even to this day.

Kerala is thus a tightly packaged holiday destination with a range like no other.Beaches, lagoons, mountains and tropical forests packed in just 150 km. Add to it a heady cultural cocktail of its educated peoples and their vibrant cultures to give you an experience you are not likely to forget.

Why Kerala is really known as gods own country

NATURALLY BLESSED: Kerala has unique geographic features made up of misty hill stations, emerald green valleys, lush eco-tourism locales, refreshing waterfalls, numerous rivers, network of lagoons, natural harbours, jungles with exotic flora and fauna, and more – all of which remain evergreen attractions to the travel enthusiast

EQUABLE CLIMATE: Kerala maintains a pleasant, tropical climate throughout the year, with slight variations in summer and winter; the cool monsoon months in between form a unique feature; it’s windy in the coastal areas, with the sea-breeze blowing regularly during noontime.

QUALITY OF LIFE: The state has a commendable record in terms of the levels of female literacy, health & hygiene, infant mortality and life expectancy, all of which are indicative of its high PQLI.

AYURVEDA: The state is noted for its traditional system of holistic healing using herbs and medicinal oils, manifested in its exclusive ayurveda wellness packages that serve to soothen the nerves and replenish the body.

NATURE EXPERIENCE: Kerala offers a true feel of nature at its best - swaying palm trees, undulating paddy fields, winding backwaters, dreamy kettuvallam rides, delicious local cuisine - all reflecting the serenity of the countryside and offering a one-of-a-kind ambience.

ART REPERTOIRE: Kerala is a treasure trove of ancient and enchanting art forms ranging from classic to folk, that are showcased during fairs and festivals connected with local places of worship.

CULTURAL INTEGRATION: Kerala possesses a rich cultural milieu comprising religious, artistic, literary and socio-cultural elements belonging to diverse backgrounds; its culture has been influenced by its history and tradition; the state has served as a melting pot for oriental and occidental cultures

HERITAGE VALUE: The state is known for its several heritage zones and historic places housing ancient structures of vintage value and famous monuments serving as relics of a glorious past .

RELIGIOUS HARMONY: Kerala has been in the forefront of communal and religious harmony, imbibing all categories of faiths, beliefs and customs in its fold from time immemorial.

CONTEMPORARY HUB: The people of the state follow a lifestyle blending tradition with modernity; the metro pockets are hip hangouts for the modern minded; the state is dotted with adventure hotspots for trekking, rock-climbing, wind-surfing, paragliding etc.