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Kerala at a glance

Popularly known as the "God's Own Country", Kerala  is one of the most beautiful states in India lying between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. Well known for its greenery and the coconut groves from where it got its name Kerala, which means "The land of coconuts".

  • Location :                         Southwestern tip of India
  • Area :                                38863
  • Population :                      318.38 lakhs (Census 2001)
  • Literacy :                          100% (appr.)
  • Capital :                            Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum)
  • Districts :                           14
  • Language :                        Malayalam, English and Hindi
  • Religion :                           Hinduism, Christianity, Islam
  • Time :                                GMT + 5:30
  • Summer :                           Feb - May (Min 30°C - Max 33°C)
  • Monsoon :                          June - Sept (Min 26°C - Max 29°C)
  • Winter :                              Oct - Jan (Min 24°C - Max 29°C)
  • Crops :                                Tea, Rubber, Cardamom, Coffee, Cashew nut, Rice, Coconut.
  • Minerals :                           Clays, Calcium, Carbonate, Graphite, Monazite, Mineral sand
  • Longest River :                    Bharathapuzha (251.1 Km)
  • Highest Mountain :              Anamudi (2652.3 Metres)


  • Taluks :                                            63
  • Villages :                                         1452
  • Corporation :                                    5
  • Municipalities :                                 52
  • Assembly Constituencies :                140
  • Lok Sabha Constituencies :               20
  • Animal :                                             Elephant
  • Bird :                                                  Hornbill
  • Flower :                                              Kanikonna
  • Tree :                                                  Coconut Tree



Famous for : Ayurveda, Onam festival,  vishu, kettuvallam,  Snake boat races, Kathakali and Coir goods.


Around 48% of the total land is occupied by the Western Ghats which is also called as the Sahyadri. The highland rise up to an average height of 900m. There are numerous peaks in this Ghats which are over a height of 1800m. The total land covered is estimated to be around 18650 The Midlands are made up of hills and valleys and they lie between the mountains and the lands. These midlands cover around 40% of the land and are estimated to be an area of 16200 It is in this area that cultivation is mainly done. The remaining land which is about 4000 is covered by the lowlands which are also called as the Coastal Area. There are a large number of lagoons which are known by the names kayels, backwaters and coastal areas of the Arabian Sea.

Rivers, Lakes and Backwaters of Kerala

Kerala has abundant water sources. All these water sources make Kerala a fertile land and is the main reason for its greenery!

No. Of Rivers - 49
Lakes & Backwaters - Countless
Largest Lake - Vembanad Lake (260 sq. Kms. Long)
 Largest Freshwater Lake  - Sasthamkotta


Total Forest Area - Estimated to be 11,125.59 sq.kms.
No. Of Wildlife Sanctuaries Here - 7 

Flora and Fauna

The Western Ghats is one of the World's 18 hot spots of bio-diversity. It is rich in wide variety of rare flora and fauna. The rivers, mountain rain forests, tropical forests, grasslands etc makes it suitable for a variety of plants and animals to inhabit these areas. 


 The temperature in Kerala usually varies from 27° to 32° C. The two main rainy seasons in Kerala are the Northeast Monsoon and the Southwest Monsoon. The annual average rainfall received in Kerala is 118 inches. 


Kerala constitute just 1.03 % of India and has an area of 38,863  The coastline extends to about 580 km. The width of this state varies from west to east where the maximum is 120 km and minimum is 30 km.


The neighboring states of Kerala are Karnataka in the north and Tamil Nadu sharing the border with the rest of Kerala. So the whole of the western and southern frontiers of Kerala is bordered by Tamil Nadu.

Mineral Resources

The mineral ores present in Kerala are silica, quartz, bauxite and sillimanite. Moreover, the best and finest type of China Clay is available in this state