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kerala Tour & Honeymoon Package

If there's one thing that our long association with this industry has taught us, it is that nobody gets enough of this state. The reason for this is, well, Kerala has a lot to offer. And the fact that most tourist operators functioning in the state neither have the infrastructure nor the contacts to tap this infinite nature's bounty, have helped in ensuring that a large part of Kerala has remained out of the reach of most tourists. But we plan to take you to deep into the lives and culture of our people which will leave you with a lasting impression that will make you want to visit this state again and again.


All this talk of touring in Kerala would remain incomplete if something is not said about why Kerala figures among the top honeymoon destinations in India. Cold seems to be the call among honeymooners, although backwater cruises and beaches too have takers among the newlyweds. Whichever it be, what our experience have shown us is that newlyweds require much more than just ordinary sightseeing. The time they spend together at this time, will be cherished throughout their lives. These memories might even make it to those 'quirky experiences' list every married couple has. In short, everything has to be perfect!